BC Business Law – Services from Your Vancouver Business Lawyer

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Why do I need a Business Lawyer?

If you are a small business or large corporation you need a business lawyer on your side to assist you in navigating the hurdles and pitfalls that are associated with your type of business. You may need to incorporate your company, draft agreements, negotiate contracts, navigate regulatory hurdles, protect your intellectual property or enforce your contracts. We at M.J. O’Nions Lawyers & Mediators can assist you with taking care of your legal issues leaving you the freedom to look after your business your way.

What are some of the common services M.J. O’Nions Lawyers & Mediators provides to businesses?

Some of the common types of services we provide businesses are:

How much will M.J. O’Nions Lawyers & Mediators charge to be my Company’s Business Lawyer?

Our hourly rate for providing legal services to businesses is $295 per hour plus applicable taxes. We do not charge for such things as photocopying, faxing, secretarial services, and long distance telephone calls, which can save you hundreds of dollars more. We will also work with you to provide legal services to your company on a fixed price basis giving you high quality legal services with the certainty your company requires to meet your business’s financial objectives.

Why use M.J. O’Nions Lawyers & Mediators as my Business Lawyer?

We have over 17 years of experience assisting businesses in meeting their goals and objectives. We do this in a cost effective and practical way that won’t break your bottom line. We do this without compromising the high quality of legal expertise we provide. We are a business law firm that truly has your best interests at heart. We understand your needs and what you are going through. We are here to help. Contact us through the general intake form and a lawyer will call you within 24 hours to assist you, or you can call us directly at 604-449-7779.