Appointment of Committee

What is a Committee (adult guardian)?

A Committee makes decisions on behalf of someone who cannot make those decisions by himself or herself due to his or her mental incapability.

How is a Committee (adult guardian) appointed?

A Committee is appointed by making a court application to the Supreme Court of BC under the Patients Property Act. The application should include affidavits of two doctors registered with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC, indicating that a patient is mentally incapable of managing his or her affairs.

Who can be a Committee (adult guardian)?

A friend, family member or trust company can be a Committee. However, a family member would generally be preferred. If there are multiple candidates, the court would determine which candidates would most likely to act in the best interest of a patient.

When is the appointment of a Committee (adult guardian) necessary?

Appointment of a Committee may be necessary when one of your family members or a close friend has lost the ability to manage his or her affairs due to their mental incapacity.

What powers does a Committee (adult guardian) have?

A Committee would generally have all the rights, privileges and powers of the patient, had he or she been mentally capable of making:

  • Personal decisions-where and how to live
  • Financial decisions-pay bills and dealing with a patient’s property
  • Legal decisions
  • Medical decisions

However, please note that the powers a Committee has maybe subject to limitations imposed by the court.

What duties does a Committee (adult guardian) have?

Some of the duties that a Committee has are:

  • To act in the best interest of the patient
  • To not put himself or herself in a conflict of interest position
  • To give periodic accounting to the Public Guardian and Trustee
  • To post a security bond if the court orders

Why hire M.J. O’Nions for my Committee application?

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How do I start the process of obtaining an appointment of Committee?

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