Civil Mediation for Estate, WCB, Employment and more.

What is Civil Mediation?

Civil Mediation is an alternative to the traditional court process in order to resolve disputes. Civil Mediation is the process by which a neutral third party, the “Civil Mediator,” assists people to resolve their dispute and reach a voluntary settlement. A Civil Mediator is not a judge, he or she helps people to negotiate a fair settlement that meets everyone’s interests.

What type of Civil Mediation does M. J. O’Nions Lawyers & Mediators Do?

We practice all types of Civil Mediation including Workplace Mediation, Employment Mediation, Estate Mediation, Elder Law Mediation, WCB Mediation, Strata Mediation, and ICBC Mediation.

Why use a Lawyer to Mediate my Civil Dispute?

A lawyer Civil Mediator can provide legal information informing the participants of the legal issues involved in their dispute. A lawyer Civil Mediator can also draft the settlement agreement on behalf of the parties.

What are the Advantages of Civil Mediation vs. Court?

  • Civil Mediation can save you money compared to litigating in court.
  • Civil Mediation will save you time as opposed to a lengthy court process.
  • With Civil Mediation you participate in the resolution of your dispute as opposed to having a judge impose a decision for you.
  • People are more inclined to adhere to the agreement or resolution achieved through Civil Mediation than from a decision of a judge.
  • Civil Mediation is a confidential process between the parties, it does not form part of the public record like a court application.
  • The Civil Mediation process is less adversarial without the win or loss at court, which leads to a greater chance of preserving relationships.

How much does it Cost to Mediate my Civil Dispute?

At M. J. O’Nions Lawyers & Mediators, our hourly rate for Civil Mediation is $295 per hour plus GST. We do not charge for such things as photocopying, faxing, secretarial services, and long distance telephone calls, which can save you hundreds of dollars.

How do I Start the Civil Mediation Process?

Fill out the general intake form and a lawyer will call you within 24 hours to assist you, or you can call us directly at 604-449-7779