James Sonia

The best lawyer I ever met. Highly recommended.

David Watts

I have referred several clients to M.J. over the past year.  They have required information about and services in practice areas such as: probating estates, needing a co-habitation agreement, mediation to settle complex family disputes, drafting trust Wills and separation agreements.  I was particularly impressed at how quickly M.J. mediated a real estate sale dispute about how funds would be allocated amongst parties post separation where there was minimal documentation.  I have found that M.J. is always very reachable and deals with things quickly.  I have had nothing but excellent feedback from those I have referred to M.J. and will definitely continue to refer my clients to him in the future.

Alex Roman

I only consulted with Mark a few times but I appreciate his intelligent and personal advice on all matters related to business and life planning, especially where an issue is stressful and he can offer a perspective/solution that allows you to sleep better.

Richie Hardinge

Mark is no-nonsense efficient lawyer. When I approached him about conflicts within my own family, he calmly and efficiently told me everything I needed to know to protect myself and my family. I would recommend him as an advisor and a mediator. I have found him to be comfortable to work with and also to be open and forthcoming. I have retained him before and will not hesitate to do so again.

Melodie Balangue

I was too desperate then, almost close to breakdown after getting the runaround from two other family law firms.

I had a very difficult situation with my ex who abducted our kids against a court order. He has all the finances and he was using our children in a desperate attempt to win the case.

I knew from the start that I need a lawyer who is not only able to communicate and mediate but rather someone who is ready to fight.

Mark stepped in, explained everything to me before we even stood in front of the judge. He is very professional and caring. Mark helped me throughout the entire process.

I highly recommend this honest and helpful family law firm. Thanks Mark!

Todd Hooge

I have been using Mark’s services for over 15 years, and he has always been prompt, efficient, and above all, right in his assumptions when it came to legal matters. He’s not the type of lawyer that will talk circles around you with legalese. He’s a straight shooter that will speak to you in plain English, and get the job done. I would highly recommend Mark any day.

Julian Walmsley

I have used MJ Onions business law services since 2008 and am very satisfied with their approach and expediency. Recently engaged them for advice on a family matter and felt that their guidance really helped me best navigate the situation.